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Strategic Planning

Your strategic plan is a vision of the overall course and direction of your enterprise. Our team works with you to create a strategic plan that will refine the focus of your business. We use strategic planning as a key management tool to help your firm maintain its flexibility and competitiveness, and enable a successful response to any change in the business environment.

At McLaughlin & Morgan, our business development team can:

  • Assist in business planning, strategic and tactical planning, marketing and communications planning, as well as the implementation of these plans.

  • Help identify appropriate partners, mentors, directors, and key employees to complement your company’s team and expand the management team.

  • Use our network of contacts for marketing, sales, human resources, capital, technology, vendors, and distributors.

  • Help you find investors for early-stage, start-up, or spin-off companies.

  • Assist in promotional campaigns including public relations, press releases, brochures, advertising, and distribution, and aid in the development and implementation of marketing plans and promotion.

  • Provide expert consulting and mentoring with your creative ideas.

  • Assist firms in identifying potential markets for their technology, and provide
    fact-based assessments of those markets and the resulting adjustments to the company's strategy.

    We also provide marketing and communications services at www.mc-day.com


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